The premiere of “a Cruise through the jungle” with Dwayne Johnson was postponed until July 2020

Премьеру «Круиза по джунглям» с Дуэйном Джонсоном отложили до июля 2020

Fans will have to wait for the premiere of almost two years

Shooting “Cruise through the jungle” with Dwayne Johnson and Emily blunt in the lead roles is nearing completion, and the film went into post-production – but the appearance of “Cruise” in theaters will have to wait another almost two years.

Disney has postponed the premiere until July 2020 – apparently, in order to released in the season of summer blockbusters “the jungle Cruise” has earned more at the box office.

Initially it was assumed that the “jungle Cruise” will be out in a year 11 Oct 2019. However, recently Dwayne Johnson in his Instagram said that premiere will be delayed by 9 months.

Insiders suggest the possibility of such a transfer due to the fact that Marvel finally put out of its list of third-party releases “Guardians of the Galaxy”, which, according to rumors, was supposed to come out July 31, 2020.

Now that the need to compete, essentially, with themselves excluded, Disney might allow you to move the “jungle Cruise” on a vacant summer “window” and thereby secure the film where the big box office – after all, the season of summer vacations family adventure Comedy action clearly look more viewers than in October.

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