The premiere of the film “Zakhar Berkut” in Kiev: the surprised spectators

In wide release the picture leaves on 10 October

Alina Ostrowska

Today, 14:10

Премьера фильма "Захар Беркут" в Киеве: чем удивляли зрителей

“Zakhar Berkut”

In Kiev, Ukrainian Prime Minister died down the action “Zakhar Berkut”. Died down said without exaggeration, because the cinema “Kievan Rus” became a platform for stunt fighting, fire and horse shows. But about all under the order.

The theater gradually filled with people: the press, the organizers, partners, creative team, actors, audience – everyone wanted to watch a movie and chat with the creators of the picture. Was able to talk with actors, Directors, and correspondent Today.Lifestyle.

Премьера фильма "Захар Беркут" в Киеве: чем удивляли зрителей

“Zakhar Berkut”

As soon as the cinema hall was filled with people, there was incredibly stuffy. However, the few who remembered, after all, revolved around the world of “Zahar Berkut” – and here the exhibition of costumes of the main characters, and loud atmospheric music of the film, and tasty treats, and animators in costumes of the Mongols, and gift shop. All were noisy, rattled and laughed.

In the thick of things I was able to talk with the co-Director of the film “Zakhar Berkut” with the Hollywood parties – John’s Wine. He was impressed by the filming in the Carpathians, as well as work with the Ukrainian team.

“The difficulty, of course, was. First and foremost is that not all castes knew English, and the movie is filmed in English. But we worked with professional translators, so all the misunderstandings or unclear situation has been smooth,” – said in a commentary Today.Lifestyle John Winn.

Also, the Director shared his plans for the future: “On new joint projects with Ukraine is too early to say, although I would like to. It’s not because I don’t want to, just not the time yet. In the meantime, I plan to take a little vacation to reboot, take a break from working on the film”. The man willingly took photos with everyone, talked to journalists and guests, smiling and joking. A relaxed feel and Ukrainian actors, and second, the film’s Director Ahtem Seytablaev.

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The relevance of the story of Ivan Franko and she told Seitablaev. He noted that the literature Ivan Franko, and in particular “Zakhar Berkut” is an example of world literature. And like any example in world literature he is not only eternal, but always relevant.

“This is a fight for own home, for their country, for their love, for what you are able to defend what you’re able to die. It is the desire to defend their own way of life. And that ideological conflict is the main for me in the film – the conflict between the Cougar Wolf and Zakhar Berkut. It was through him that I became interested in this project. And ideological structure, which sought to bring to life the Cougar, the Wolf, came into conflict with the worldview of Zakhar Berkut. Actually, this begins the conflict”, – said Seitablaev.

Among the crowd could be seen and one of the youngest actors of the film – Michael Korzhenivska, who willingly talked about their favorite scenes in the film and how he came to shoot. Also could talk with writer Yaroslav Voicecom, actors Oleg Voloshchenko, Andrey Isaenko, Alina Kovalenko. They all said that was an incredible experience and fun of participation in this picture.

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I would also like to mention some of the characters of tape – suits. Yes, we can call them separate characters, since their creation was very time-consuming. As told by the costume designer Antonina Belinskaya, she and her team have been collecting materials, was in the expedition in the Carpathians, shared sketches, looking for masters.

Премьера фильма "Захар Беркут" в Киеве: чем удивляли зрителей

Antonina Belinskaya

“All the costumes from natural materials. Even the fleece we passed from the Carpathians! And the role of Zakhar Berkut Robert Patrick was just in awe of the costumes! He told me that they not only look like the real thing but smell like the real thing!”, – said Antonina.

Managed to know the opinion of Eugene Nisuke, who also came to the premiere of the Ukrainian blockbuster:” several times I was on the set, and of course, this new step of Ukrainian cinema in co-production with world cinema, in cooperation with the leading filmmakers of Hollywood. There is a good connection, on the one hand, Ukrainian topics Ukrainian author, however, a topic that will always be relevant in any country of the world. It is a struggle for freedom”.

Nysac also noted that for Ukraine this is a very powerful project and opportunity “to declare itself to the whole world” and on the Western audience.

Earlier, the Director of the film “Zakhar Berkut” Ahtem Seitablaev told Today.Lifestyle about the filming process and the acting.

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