The president of the Louis Pasteur 1 polling station in Béziers verbally attacked by an elected official

The president of the Louis Pasteur 1 polling station in Béziers verbally attacked by an elected official

Should we sign before voting or the other way around ? A reflection that stopped the vote at Pasteur 1 in Béziers. Illustration Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

This Sunday, June 30, around 11 a.m., the president of polling station 1 at the Louis Pasteur school in Béziers was verbally assaulted by Laetitia Lafare, a municipal councilor who was arriving at the polling station.

The moment was rather calm in the voting booth to choose your ballot paper, when, all of a sudden, there was a burst of voices. Two women were speaking loudly. Once ready to vote, session is interrupted. An elected official from the city of Béziers, Laetitia Lafare, rather vehemently pointing out to the president of polling station n° 1 of the Louis Pasteur school & quot;We must not make voters vote like this. They vote then they sign and not the other way around." Stung and in public, the president then left her seat and responded  : "I have been practicing for ten years, there has never been an incident. Since that’s it, I’m leaving. Here, take my place, you'll do it very well."

We can vote or not

For years, in fact, on this desk, we hand over our identity document, we vote and we sign. This is usual and no one finds fault. Well, there, apparently, a legalist was in the place. And made it known loudly that the method was not the right one. In the meantime, a big moment of uncertainty. The vote was interrupted for a moment in front of voters not knowing which "Saint" dedicate ourselves and we had to ask : "We will be able to vote or not !" to stunned assessors who no longer know what to do.

The president and the elected official settle their scores

The president and the elected official, in a corner, explaining themselves. The president, particularly upset by such a public attack, did not want to take her place again. In short, we voted, without remembering in what order, but with certainty without a president. Everything must have probably returned to normal after this incident. But what to do if someone comes to lodge a complaint? We cancel the vote of Office 1 of the Pasteur school or we let it run? The altercation was worth it she really worth it ?

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