The pressure is on Julien

The pressure is on Julien

“CH” will be fine! Unlike the exhausting pandemic ritornello, in the case of the Canadian, the rainbow seems very real.

Marc Bergevin and Claude Julien have in turn set the bar high at the press briefing this week. This break in tone is salutary. Casually, the general manager added five Stanley Cup winners to his roster.

Jake Allen represents the best assistant to Carey Price since Jaroslav Halak. Confinement requires, Corey Perry entered training camp after everyone else, but he will play, if he is healthy, the vast majority of the 56 games of the condensed calendar. Go listen to Claude Julien’s statements about him again to convince yourself.

Joel Edmundson isn’t likely to have as big an impact as Ben Chiarrot in his first season with the team, but his experience during the Blues’ saga in 2019 will be a valuable asset.

Tyler Toffoli also lifted the Stanley Cup and his flair for finding pay zones and threading the needle makes the Habs more threatening, especially on the power play.

Animosity guaranteed

Playing against the same six opponents nine or ten times during the season will generate an overdose of animosity. There will be some spillovers, especially with a Tkachuk on the other side 19 times during the campaign.

The CH will have to do better than last year with one more man, and the addition of Josh Anderson and Toffoli will allow it. In this sense, even if Michael Frolik’s conquest with the Hawks dates back to 2013, the forward represents an excellent insurance policy to compensate for losses on injuries or positive cases for COVID.

In other words, the Canadian are a much better team than when they were eliminated in the first round against the Flyers last August. A team now good enough to be established as a favorite in its division.

Lead to win

The planets aligned following the judicious decisions of Marc Bergevin. In nine out of ten normal seasons, CH would be a good team among others. In the exceptional circumstances that we know, the club can dream like Cinderella.

Depth, speed, talent, sturdiness and character. These ingredients are essential to cross Canada from start to finish on 56 games in a few months. In this sense, the CH starts with an advantage over its six rivals in the big country.

The key to success, however, will be Claude Julien. Starting the fourth season of a five-party deal, will anyone who won with a recipe more from the past agree to modify it in order to amend it to the taste of 2021? Will Julien lead to win rather than not to lose?

The nuance between the two options is important although the objective is the same: to collect ranking points. In the process and given the staff at his disposal, Julien will have a great interest in letting his talented players express themselves. Their pleasure will only be greater and a happy group is a more united group. A hungrier group too.

The season is promising, expectations are unanimously high. Claude Julien has had it easy since the start of his luxurious contract. However, the pressure is on his shoulders.

Now for the coach, it’s “no excuses” … he must win!

Stroke of heart

The pressure is on Julien

To Hockey USA. No one saw the domination of Americans in the World Junior Hockey Championship gold medal game Tuesday in Edmonton. And no one at Hockey Canada seems to see that in 10 years, the real “Miracle on Ice” will be beating Team USA. Can we speak of the failure of Canadian development? Unfortunately not yet, but we should see it quickly …

Shot mouth

The pressure is on Julien

To the Philadelphia Eagles. The coach Doug pederson knowingly used his squad to cause his own loss to Washington in the very last game of the NFL regular season. It was less subtle than an elephant in a crystal museum. Disgusting and reprehensible behavior.

A little 2 on …

The pressure is on Julien

Victories for Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Los Angeles, Baltimore, New Orleans and Pittsburgh during NFL Wild Cards Weekend. Six matches in a row today and tomorrow, exciting clashes involving some natural rivals. To the Browns to surprise me tomorrow night in Pittsburgh …

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