The price of oil Brent for the first time since November exceeded 64

Цена на нефть Brent впервые с ноября превысила 64

As of Thursday morning, April futures for Brent crude on international markets rose to $64,16 per barrel.

The price of Brent oil in the course of trading exceeded $64 per barrel for the first time since November of 2018. As transfers the Internet edition of the, this is with reference to the data exchange ICE said on Thursday, February 14, the Reporter.

In particular, according to 8:14, the April futures for Brent crude grew to $64,16 per barrel.

As you know, the price of Brent crude in the second half of November, began to decline after statements of the President of the United States Donald trump about future relations with Saudi Arabia when he declared that Washington will remain a partner in Riyadh. Then the price of Brent futures fell to $61.

Soon the drop in prices continued after the statements of Saudi Arabia about record production. In January, the oil began to rise and exceeded $60.

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