The price of pleasure

Le prix du plaisir

With the déconfinement, the regulars of the bars, pubs or saunas have believed that finally they would have the ” fun “.

In general, these people are young, excited and sometimes even things. Freud would have said that for these revelers the pleasure principle is paramount.

However, the déconfinement, as revised and corrected by the impetuous Dr. Arruda, can not meet the need of pleasure. Because there is an unconformity marked between this last word and the word ” pandemic “.

Shopping has become an activity irritating, stressful and unpleasant. In the supermarkets, after you have done the tail, we find ourselves in a race against the clock to get out of these places now overrun by anxious and customers, who manoeuvre their trolley as if it was a round of the Formula 1.


Other, aggressive, call out the offenders not abiding by the arrows which now point the direction to follow in the aisles. One gets frustrated by the” experience “, and especially aware of the fact that these gestures of the daily life of yesteryear have vanished.

Yesterday, in The Newspaper, the bar owners testified of the inability to impose distancing their young clients lack of human contact which, under the influence of alcohol and drugs, lose the memory of the COVID-19-pervasive. Also, the number of cases of infection is increasing concern in the young hipsters.

The pandemic we use, depresses us, destabilizes us and ultimately kills us. Physically and psychologically.

Let us beware of people who continue to laugh, as the mayor of Montreal, who surfs the pandemic to continue his impressive work of deconstruction of the metropolis, the economic heart of Quebec. The non-smiling are currently those that we must take seriously in order to find a (distant ?) the life, the pleasure.

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