The Prime minister of armenia announced to be infected with the coronavirus

Le Premier ministre arménien annonce être infecté par le coronavirus

YEREVAN | The prime minister of armenia Nikol Pashinian announced on Monday to have been infected by the new coronavirus with his family, while the epidemic is worsening in this small country in the Caucasus which the hospitals are overloaded.

“My test for coronavirus was positive yesterday. All the members of my family are also positive,” said Mr. Pashinian in a video published on his page Facebook, adding that he has not provided any “noticeable symptoms” of the disease, and that it will continue to work from his home “as long as this is possible”.

Mr. Pashinian and his wife Anna Hakobian, a journalist, have four children.

Armenia has 9 402 cases of coronavirus and 139 dead, according to official figures.

The epidemic has overburdened the hospitals and the medical authorities announced last week that they were considering restricting access to critical care for patients “with the best chances of survival”.

Nikol Pashinian was found Wednesday the situation “very serious” and called for a strengthening of the restrictions. It was recognized that the government had failed to enforce the containment and regretted having “too much trust to the sense of responsibility” of his fellow citizens.

The Armenian authorities have been criticised for their management of the crisis, with experts estimating as well as the decision to close the borders was taken too late and that policy makers have sent mixed messages to the population.

The government has stated that it does not exclude a new containment across the country. The previous record had been largely eased in early may with the reopening of the terraces and of some companies.

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