The Princess of Chicago 2 : the sequel announced, Vanessa Hudgens back

La Princesse de Chicago 2 : la suite annoncée, Vanessa Hudgens de retour

The Princess of Chicago 2 with Vanessa Hudgens soon to be on Netflix

It’s official : The Princess of Chicago 2 coming soon on Netflix ! The platform has formalized the continuation of the film in which Vanessa Hudgens was playing not one but two characters. Check out the synopsis and the date is very approximate of the release of the new film !

Available online 16 November 2018 on Netflix, the Christmas movie The Princess of Chicago with Vanessa Hudgens had enchanted the subscribers. The former star of High School Musical y embodied by two characters : Magaret Delacourt, a duchess, and Stacy Denovo, a pastry chef, who exchanged their place. After the success of the film, the actress had confided in on a possible sequel, saying that she wanted to go back for new adventures.

The plot of The Princess of Chicago 2 reveals

After months of suspense, it is now official : The Princess of Chicago with a suite. Entitled in English The Princess Swith : Switched Again, this new film is expected to start in 2020 on the platform and will be produced by Vanessa Hudgens. The actress takes her two roles in this second installment… and more ! Well, yes, as she had teasé, a third look-alike is going to make his arrival ! “While the Duchess Margaret inherited the throne and her relationship with Kevin is struggling, Stacy is going to try to save the day until the arrival of the fêtarde Fiona, their look-alike, which will put in danger their plans” one can read in the official announcement of the Twitter account ” See What’s Next.

Nick Sagar is expected to return in the role of Kevin, but it is not yet known if Sam Palladio who played the Prince Edward will also be of the party. Mike Rohl, who directed the first film will return to the stage. Strongly 2020 !

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