The prison has helped him find out his passwords

La prison l’aura aidé à retrouver ses mots de passe

The prison will ultimately have been due to the “bad faith” of the inventor of the plexcoin who finally agreed, after years of obstinacy, to turn over his passwords and make a reporting.

A long arm of iron, resulting in the victory of the judicial system Wednesday at the palace of justice of Quebec.

After three years of debate, where Dominic Lacroix has maintained the blur with respect to its assets, including the number of bitcoins in its possession, the business man has finally failed.

Creator of the plexcoin, a cryptomonnaie supposed to compete with bitcoin, Lacroix has sold its virtual currency to about 7000 investors.

He would have as well cashed up to$ 15 Million that he has invested in bitcoins and property, including a luxurious house in Charlesbourg.

Contempt of court

Lacroix was found guilty of contempt of court two times because it provided the court with a “balance can” of its assets as to say that he no longer had the means to access these passwords contained in a USB key destroyed.

In October 2019, judge Daniel Dumais had decided “to send a clear message” to the accused, who “plays late smart” and ” a mockery of the judicial system “.

The judge Dumais was sentenced Lacroix to six months of imprisonment, while allowing him to periodically be in front of him to provide the answers that would allow to recover a sum of$ 4.6 Million still missing in exchange for his freedom.

The inventor of the plexcoin has tried to overturn this decision on appeal, but has stumbled to three judges denouncing the “contempt” and “bad faith” of the accused.


On Wednesday, after three weeks at the detention Centre of Quebec city, the 38-year-old has decided to set the table.

It is committed to “deliver 100 % of the information” that it owns, said the interim administrator, Emmanuel Phaneuf, who said he was satisfied with the answers of the prisoner.

The judge Dumais has not failed to remind the contradictions of the man in prison. “When we say that everything has been destroyed, this was not true ?” he said without waiting for a response.

The judge is still skeptical to the new transparency of Dominic Lacroix.

“Look me in the eyes, not to disappoint anyone,” asked the magistrate.

“No, I do not want to return here,” replied Lacroix, visibly disappointed to have to spend a last night in prison.

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