The prison to a exhibitionist in public bus

La prison pour un exhibitionniste dans les bus publics

A exhibitionist repeat offender, who takes pleasure in showing his genitals to young women in public transport, left him with 90 days in jail, but he is now facing expulsion from the country.

“The facts […] a cause of deep concern for the protection of society, in particular women who exercise their right to move freely and without fear in public places “, has recently commented on the judge Randall Richmond, condemning Ramdane Rezaiki in the municipal court of Montreal.

Rezaiki, 34 years old, is a permanent resident, landed in Quebec in 2012.

Less than a month after his arrival in the country, it was caught for the first time to masturbate in front of a young woman in a bus of the Société de transport de Montréal.

Arrested and charged, Rezaiki had, however, come out with an absolute discharge, avoiding a criminal record.

But he was unable to contain his impulses, as it has recurred in a night bus, to the summer of 2017.

“I feel like it ! “

That night, his path has crossed that of two young women, aged 18 and 19 years old.

Tired, they were dormant in the back of the bus when Rezaiki approached, taking advantage of their sleep to touch the thigh of one of them, six times.

Awakened by the touching and non-consensual, the woman and her friend disembarked the vehicle.

But Rezaiki decided to follow them, to join them a few minutes later, taking his member in his hand.

“I want to, to them, he said. I want ! Press please on mr. button. Help me ! “

The two young women have called the police and Rezaiki was quickly apprehended.


At his trial, Rezaiki has not failed to minimize his actions, saying he acted under the influence of alcohol, even if he was not drunk.

He even tried to blame the victims who, according to him, were not to be affected by these events.

This has not reassured the judge, all the more that the risk of recurrence of Rezaiki is very high, according to the results of the tests sex he had suffered.

“Out of 100 sexual offenders, only four would have a lower score,” noted the magistrate.

Thus, even if Rezaiki begged to get a second absolution, the judge found that the exhibitionist deserved the prison.

At the request of the prosecution, he was thus sentenced to 90 days incarceration, followed by probation for three years.

Thereafter, Ramdane Rezaiki could be the subject of a removal to his native country, Algeria, in Africa.

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