The probe of china in route to Mars send a photo of the Earth

La sonde chinoise en route vers Mars envoie une photo de la Terre

Beijing | The first probe chinese to Mars was sent on Tuesday a photo of the Earth and the Moon on the way to the red planet, the agency said in the chinese space.

The image, which shows the two planets in croissants, lost in the immensity of space, was taken to 1.2 million kilometres of the Earth, three days after the launch of the mission Tianwen-1.

The probe had taken off Thursday from the center of launch of Wenchang, on the tropical island of Hainan (in the south).

It should arrive in the orbit of Mars in February 2021. She will first perform in any seven months of the long trip Earth-Mars: a distance of about 55 million km – is 1400 times around the world.

In the midst of their rivalry with Washington, Beijing is hoping to do during this first attempt at independent almost everything that the United States has carried out in several mars missions since the 1960s: placing a probe in orbit, place a lander and out of a remote-controlled robot to scan the martian surface.

China already has experience in the matter: she did roll two small robots on the Moon, the “Rabbit of the jade 1 and 2 are deposited, respectively, in 2013 and 2019.

But the distance from the Earth to Mars is 140 times more important than the journey the Earth and the Moon.

According to the space agency chinese Tianwen-1 “has good flight conditions for the time (..) and works normally”.

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