The professor's call to Céline Dion, Zuckerberg's yacht in stopover, the dismay of a family: the essential news in the region

The professor's call to Céline Dion, Zuckerberg's yacht in stopover, the dismay of a family: the essential news in the region

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The call to Céline Dion to find her treatment

#MONTPELLIER Christian Jorgensen, director of the IHU (Immun4cure university hospital institute) launched an appeal to Céline Dion. He judges that with financial assistance from the singer, his teams would be able to develop a treatment for the illness she suffers from, stiff person syndrome.

"It’is not a joke, if someone today comes with 10 million’ euros by telling me make me a biomedicine, I do it. In two years, it will be ready, he declares to France Bleu.

An amount which represents "not much" for Celine Dion. The professor says he got in touch with the singer's teams, but this "didn't follow through".< /p>


#GARD Returning from the Balearic Islands, Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, stopped off this weekend in Port-Camargue before leaving for Monaco. His two yachts, which he apparently acquired recently, are currently sailing in the Mediterranean.

The impressive boat 118 meters long and more than 5,000 tonnes, escorted by its support vessel designed to accommodate helicopters or jet-skis, has been stationed on our coasts, from next to l’Espiguette in Grau-du-Roi, spending the weekend sheltered from the mistral.

The Launchpad, originally built for a Russian oligarch, requires a crew of nearly 50 people, and has on board a swimming pool, bars and panoramic lounges, but also a diving center equipped with a hyperbaric chamber .

The number of the day: 90

#LOZERE These Saturday June 29 and Sunday June 30, 2024, ninety old vehicles from ;at least 35 years old, will cover nearly 350 kilometers throughout the department for the Pays de Lozère rally.

Organized by the Lozère association Écurie Gévaudan, this event is above all an open regularity car ride to which is added a navigation part. 47 duos take part in the regularity category and 43 in the navigation category.

A family’s call for help after a fire

#HERAULT After the fire in their house in Salelles-du-Bosc, a family was urgently rehoused. Donations of clothing and food poured in thanks to a great outpouring of generosity.

Close friends launched an appeal for crowdfunding to support the couple and the four children but five days after the disaster which ravaged their house Anouck and Guillaume are still in shock.

With the help of the town hall, the effort of the Relais du Salagou lodge, in Salelles, the family is urgently rehoused, in a warm chalet, until July 20 . Afterwards, you will have to leave.

The search is on, the family is appealing. She wants to stay in the area so as not to further disturb the children.: "The grown-ups go to college in Lodève. The little one is at school in Saint-Martin-du-Bosc. The children have already lost a lot. We really want those who can keep their habits, their friends, their benchmarks", analyzes the couple.

Canadairs unavailable

#NÎMES Of the twelve Canadairs available to Civil Security based in Nîmes-Garons, " six should have been available at the beginning of June." But at this period,"between 0 and 2" were actually usable, regrets in Var matin Benoît Quennepoix, general secretary of the national union of civil aviation flight crew.

A lack of serious consequences since, during the fire in Vidauban (Var) on June 11, only three devices were able to be dispatched. Most of the fleet's air tankers date from 1995 and should have been replaced after 25 years.

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