The project Royalmount little changed by the pandemic

Le projet Royalmount peu modifié par la pandémie

MONT-ROYAL – The complex Royalmount, which will rise at the corner of highways 15 and 40, at Mont-Royal, will not count as a single auditorium and phase 1 will be delayed by six months. Apart from this, the pandemic will have caused little change to the grind 2.0 the project to be presented in February to the media.

According to the president of the promoter Carbonleo, Andrew Lufty, the pandemic has not cooled the partners of the project: “98 % of signed contracts are always confirmed,” he said on Tuesday, as phase 1 of the project Royalmount, which is eventually expected to be completed by April 2023.

Phase 1 of the project Royalmount provides for a space of 1.4 million square feet for commercial use and 950,000 square feet for offices. Approximately 4500 residential units will be constructed.

“We have eliminated a room and the outdoor theatre to focus with a single room”, has also explained his partner at Carbonleo, Claude Marcotte, during a public presentation which was held at the Theatre Ciné-Parc Royalmount.

Mr. Lufty still believes in the relevance of the purchase directly in the shop, despite the pandemic. This allows different government bodies to levy sales taxes and the merchants to connect with their customers, he said during the presentation.

For Carbonleo, the pandemic has confirmed the importance of having areas with large areas. “What we’re pushing more, this is the supernature. We want the public squares in green, with of the plantation, events. Rather than having a big stage, we are going to have events a little more punctual in the public spaces. Same thing on the inside, it’s going to be very green,” said Mr. Marcotte.

Cautious optimism

The project Royalmount has caused much ink to flow since the media presentation of its version 2.0 in late February. More than 300 comments from citizens have been sent to you by e-mail to Carbonleo, confirmed Mr. Marcotte, mainly concerning phase residential project, which will come after, and for which the sponsor is always waiting for a change of zoning of the Town of Mont-Royal.

Razek Syriani and Mayla Marie Mazloun, a couple residing in Mont-Royal, retain their optimism about the project and enjoyed the presentation. Mr. Syriani is hoped that the project will not affect the peace and quiet of residential neighborhoods in the sector.

“I’m afraid that the traffic is divided between the streets of Mont-Royal,” he explained on Tuesday, expressing concerns that mobile applications traffic to make passing motorists in the area to avoid problems of traffic congestion.

Recall that in February, the mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante, was said to be unhappy with the version 2.0 of the project Royalmount, complaining, inter alia, of problems of road congestion to come.

With version 2.0 of the project, Carbonleo estimated decrease of 6,000 in the number of new car trips generated by the huge complex, which will be located in an area where car traffic is already dense.

The seven measures are currently under study to improve this issue, such as the widening of two lanes of the chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse, in addition to additions of the ties on highway 40, which would, according to Mr. Marcotte, “to handle the traffic that comes from the airport Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau airport”.

The project, in which both partners want a global reach, is assessed at a total amount of $ 6 billion, and would, by 2035, up to 28, 000 jobs, according to them.

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