The prom unmasked

Au bal démasqué

Who would have thought? A simple piece of paper or fabric carefully folded and lined with two elastic bands generates any controversy. And it lasts for months.

The mask! It protects: yes, no, somewhat, not quite, not really, do not know any of these answers?

There was enough, it was not enough, we will miss you, we do not lack, finally we will have mass.

It is necessary to put it, yes, no, home, the grocery store, in the street, at the opera, at the beach?

You need to know to set it, remove it, throw it, wash it, iron it, recycle it?

And we tanned a little, a lot, and sometimes even passionately.

Our neighbours to the south, there are a few nuts casseau who are ready to take up arms to demand their freedom. No question they do have some covers face whatsoever. God has created us without a mask, then why would one need? It screams, it’s braille, it claims all the amendments of the constitution. How to blame them? We would never again the Joker bleaché extended death, a mask on his face tanned.

It injects a little bit of bleach in the evening at bedtime. Precaution superfluous, since the border wall of Mexico protects not only gringos but o miracle it stop the coronavirus!

And the great wall of china?

In Quebec our conspiracy theorists are opposed to any form of protective measures. “Hide this mask that I cannot see!”

Our leaders have considerable difficulties to agree on the issue. The recommendations vary according to the atmospheric pressure, the factor of “humidex” and the velocity of the wind.

Wearing a mask will be mandatory: Yes, no, maybe?

In the transports of love? Maritime transport? The public transport?

Probably in transit. But only if you’re sitting within two metres of a bald bearded man.

In public places? Yes, except in the corridors, the escalators and the revolving doors. And only on business days.

The prime minister Legault said may-be, Dr. Arruda says yes and no, the minister Dubé thinks about the question and the mayor Plant that closes the streets.

In the meantime we surf over the summer, the beautiful weather, the reunion.

We are doing a slalom between orange cones and detours in sacrant.

You wear the mask?

A) 24 hours on 24

(B) Between meals

(C) At bedtime

And/Or: We will wait for the second wave, we have all the time…

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