The province of Quebec at the origin of almost 80 % of the employment growth

OTTAWA | The unemployment rate is set in may to 13.7 % in Canada and in Quebec and the employment in the province grew by 231 000 (+ 6.5 per cent) from April to may, reported Friday by Statistics Canada.

“The employment growth observed in Quebec is the highest among the provinces, and it represents a recovery of approximately 30 % decreases the cumulative recorded in march and April”, a-t was specified.

This is due to the creation of employment compared to the previous, the decrease in the number of persons on temporary lay-off, but also because the proportion of people who have worked less than half of their usual hours, for reasons related to the COVID-19 has declined.

It should be noted that the government Legault has eased the restrictions relating to the business prior to the reference week of the survey by Statistics Canada in contrast to Ontario, which makes it the only province where the employment has continued to decline in may.

In Canada, the unemployment rate was 13.7 % in may, the highest rate since 1976, when comparable data began to be published.

“In February, before the economic crisis linked to the COVID-19, the unemployment rate was 5.6 %. It was then increased to 7.8% in march and 13.0% in April”, a-t-is shown.

The activity rate increased by 1.6 percentage points, from 61.4 % in may, but remains below the rate before the COVID-19 65.5% in February.

“If we include people who want to work, but who have not sought employment, without distinguishing when these people have worked for the last time, we get an adjusted unemployment rate of 19.6 % in may, which is unchanged compared with April.”

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