The provinces against the federal government on health transfers

Les provinces contre le fédéral au sujet des transferts en santé

The provinces return to the charge with the federal and they don’t want to hear anything of transfers attached conditions. Quebec and Ontario are clear on that.

The Québec asks the federal government the $ 3.5 billion that is apparent from the offer of transfers totalling $ 14 billion for the fight against the COVID.

These shipments would be subject to conditions, such as investment in childcare services as well as in the screening and of the research against the COVID-19.

Quebec asks that we give up these terms, and alleged need of the money now to be able to invest in NURSING homes.

The prime minister François Legault met with the leader of the Bloc québécois, Yves-François Blanchet, who has assured him that he was going to support her in her fight.

His counterpart in Ontario abounds in the same direction : no question that the federal government dictates to its province what to do.

The federal government has undertaken bilateral discussions with the provinces. It would therefore be possible that Ottawa will succeed to agree with some provinces, but not all.

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