The public markets benefit

Les marchés publics en profitent

Despite the health measures imposed by the department of public health, the population is waiting for you in the public markets, outside of which the season begins these days.

Guy Bourbeau, of the Firm Romuald in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, maintains a booth at the market of La Prairie in the Montérégie region, where it sells a forty varieties of fruits and vegetables certified organic.

“It was a very good start of the season. We feel that the people have listened to the request of the government to consume and it’s going to help us. I think the demand is going to be here this summer.”

The public procurement will have to meet a series of measures issued by the government, says Jean-Nick Trudel, director general of the Association of public markets of Quebec (AMPQ).

Not tasting

“By and large, it is necessary to observe the rule of two metres and wash hands when arriving at the home. There will be no animation or tasting, and no loitering allowed. We focus on our core mission, which is to feed the population. “

The Market Gardeners of The Prairie was the first to open on may 6, as soon as the government made public the steps to follow.

A perimeter around the site to direct people to the entrance, where the hosts a officer health wearing a bib.

She explained the functioning of the market and invites them to wash their hands.

The cash is accepted in some cases, but the card payment is strongly suggested. People must be responsible to pack their products themselves.

Other open

“It’s going very well. The customers were waiting for this opening and they are waiting for you. With the measures of hygiene and distancing, it changes a little experience, but it is similar to what we saw in the grocery store and the customers are already accustomed to, ” says Steven Bastien, of the Association des producteurs maraîchers du Québec.

According to Mr. Trudel, the AMPQ, most markets have announced their intention to open .

“The opening dates are not all fixed, while others have not yet obtained the go of their municipality, but the majority will open. ”

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