The public Protector pro-mask

Le Protecteur du citoyen pro-masque

The recalcitrant to the idea of wearing which must be a cover face in enclosed public places in Quebec on Saturday will not be able to count on the support of the public Protector.

The organization explained on Tuesday, having received a “large number of requests” from citizens in view of the imposition of the mask, announced on the eve by the government Legault.

“We would like to inform you that the qu├ębec ombudsman to consider this decision reasonable in the context of a pandemic of the COVID-19”, has briefly responded to the organization in a written statement Tuesday.

The organization went so far as to say that it “encourages” the wearing of the mask, echoing the arguments of public health on the importance of this measure to limit the spread of the COVID-19.

Remember that the cover face will be mandatory starting on July 18 in enclosed public places, and that the merchants and owners will have to refuse customers non-masked, under penalty of a fine of up to $6000

The mask-wearing is already compulsory in transit since Monday, with a grace period of two weeks to allow road users to become accustomed to lugging their covers-face.

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