The public school sealed by the private

At the recent congress of the PQ National Youth Committee, the latter voted for a resolution demanding the abolition of public funding for private schools. By reopening this Pandora’s box, they underlined this aberration, unique in Canada, which consists for the Quebec state in subsidizing private schools up to 60%.
Let us recall that this maintenance of a private sector and its financing by the State were intended to be temporary to allow the clergy to adhere to a secularization approach. Unfortunately, the temporary has become permanent.

By maintaining this subsidized private system in direct competition with the new public school, the State has introduced the worm into the apple of the success of its reform. By selecting its clientele, the private system succeeded in devaluing its public competitor who was supposed to offer a service for all of its clientele, including for students with learning and behavioral problems.

By contrasting the performance of the two systems, we compare the incomparable. In order to retain their clientele, public schools had to introduce specific, often selective, programs with registration fees imposed on parents. We wanted to introduce the private sector in public school by abandoning the regular class where there are heavy cases following an often wild integration. This new two-headed public school was formalized by decisions of the Minister of Education, thereby ensuring the sustainability of a school system which, according to the Higher Education Council (CSE), would be the most unequal in Canada.

By taking this position of abolishing public funding from the private sector, which would become 100% payable by users, the young PQ members had the courage to question the relevance of this anachronistic situation. However, instead of ending it, Law 40 will allow private schools to be able to use certain facilities, in particular premises belonging to public schools. Thus, the private sector will be able to accentuate its parasitic behavior with regard to a public school which would rather need that one ceases to cut it up physically, morally and financially.

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