The public terraces to encourage people to return to the city centre of Montreal

Des terrasses publiques pour inciter les gens à revenir au centre-ville de Montréal

The City of Montréal plans to inject $ 400 000 for the landscaping of the public terraces in the centre of the city of Montréal to encourage the population to frequent this area abandoned since the crisis of the COVID-19.

Public spaces will include landscaped Gardens in the Centre St. Jax, at Place d’youville, at the corner of boulevards St-Laurent and René-Lévesque, on the place des Festivals and to the Gardens, Gamelin.

The mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante

This announcement of the City aims to revive the town centre badly affected by the crisis.

These improvements will be in place from the 31 July until the autumn. This initiative is to avoid crowding and to encourage ambulation.

The plan of revitalization of the city centre provides for activities of works and pathways that will enable the discovery of the urban space. The City of Montreal noted that the Montreal defecting to the city centre, it wishes to give the ‘ taste of Montreal to take advantage of seven large terraces and plazas outside.

There will also be cultural events with the participation of Patrick Watson, The Monastery and XP_MTL, Multicolored, Nursery, and six artists of MU.

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