The publishers forum, 2019: TOP 5 books that are worth buying

On the forum you can not only buy books but also to meet authors, publishers and perevodchikam

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Форум издателей 2019: ТОП-5 книг, которые стоит приобрести

The publishers forum, 2019 – which books to buy

19-22 September in Lviv will be a traditional book fair Forum of publishers 2019. He will gather lovers of books, creators of the literature and professional publishing. This year the program 26 BookForum has 700 events in which will participate more than 1000 Ukrainian and foreign participants.

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There’ll be authors, publishers, translators, journalists, cultural figures, intellectuals, active young people. Therefore, we have prepared for you TOP 5 books that are definitely worth a purchase on the forum and read.

Форум издателей 2019: ТОП-5 книг, которые стоит приобрести

Giova Oksana Perun Michael “On the rock of Faith. Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky”

Illustrated popular science publication “On the rock of Faith” is one of the first attempts to present in photographs and documents the history and activities of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church through the prism of the Church and the theological teachings and pastoral Ministry of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky. In the book — over seventeen hundred illustrations, most of which published for the first time. The publication includes letters, printed books, letters, paintings and graphic portraits, pictures, works of art, photographs from archives, museums, libraries, private collections of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Diaspora.

Форум издателей 2019: ТОП-5 книг, которые стоит приобрести

Thais Zolotkovskaya “Red dress my aunt”

The following book can be categorized as “psychology and relationships”. According to the writer Tais Zolotkovskaya, “this text, the idea biography,” came to her when from breast cancer died Anya silver, his main character. Despite the tragedy that lay at its Foundation, this touching story about courage in the fight against the deadly disease (although this too), and about beauty and femininity, the capacity to live each moment vividly and creatively, with love and joy. This book inspires life, learns to accept all its manifestations, even the pain and loss. She also teaches us to live each day as the last, without wasting a single minute.

Форум издателей 2019: ТОП-5 книг, которые стоит приобрести

Lesya Ukrainka “Forest song”

The new edition of the immortal works of Lesya Ukrainka “Forest song”. Drama-extravaganza captivates the beauty of the senses, great strength and depth revealed in her freedom-loving ideas, the poetry of images. This book is unusual because the illustrations made in the technique of monotype — a kind graphics. In particular, by using reflection only one copy. Monotype is known since ancient times, but painters rarely turn to this technique because it requires a lot of attention and hard work.

Форум издателей 2019: ТОП-5 книг, которые стоит приобрести

Mariana Savka “Optics God”

All that we see and how we see depends on the optics. Something we see with our eyes, something through his glasses or a microscope, or through the peephole of the sight, and then only heart. Author Maryana Savka in a new book of poems, “Optics of God,” invites the reader to look inside the human soul, seeking its own optics where you can see a man with his anxieties and fears, losses, pain, finding yourself, need to speak and listen, and most importantly – a deep desire of love. And unusual patterns will add mystery to this book.

Форум издателей 2019: ТОП-5 книг, которые стоит приобрести

Mar Galevska-Kostra “Bodo learns to speak”

This book will be a good gift for your children as a tool for development, we are talking about onomatopoeic games for the little ones. Cute boy from this book will become a favorite friend of your baby during his first steps in learning the language. It focuses primarily on onomatopoeic words and loud sounds that are pronounced even toddlers. The publication also recommended for children who are a little behind in speech development. Good illustrations encourage children to name objects and repeat the sounds, and the book naturally promotes speech development of the child. The author of the book — March Galevska-Kustra — speech therapist and a kindergarten teacher.

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