The QUB musique playlist: November 4, 2022 releases

QUB musique's playlist: November 4, 2022 releases


What to listen to through all the new music? Charles Laplante and Mélissa Pelletier of QUB musique point out 5 essentials!

Gluten Glutton Carotte ***1 /2

Let it be said: it's rough, it scratches, but it couldn't sound any other way. As if La Soirée Canadienne was happening in the moshpit. Carotté even pays tribute to the host of the show in Louis Bilodeau Blues. After a few listens to this festive whirlwind, we are under the effect of the multiple calls for drinking and the abundant allusions to certain substances And what do we eat when we are well “soaked” (to use their expression) ? A good poutine, a new hymn to this sacred dish that needed it since Danse la poutine by Omnikrom and TTC and Les patates by Mononc’ Serge. The numerous references cast a wide net: Lucien Boyer and his famous stew (Onion soup), the metal band Obliveon (Pierre Rémillard of Obliveon co-produces the album with Vincent Peake of Groovy Aardvark), les Frères à ch’val and many others. Catchy choruses that make us want to stuff ourselves with “mescaline-onion soup”. Long live the company remains the best example of “punk to respond”. If you want to sing it with your family during the holidays, your aunts and uncles may not be able to follow… (Stéphane Plante)

Planet EarthLouise Attack ***1/2

On this fifth album composed in 25 days to mark the 25th anniversary of Louise Attaque: already, the dynamism specific to the violin of the French formation behind the mega-hit J't'emmène au vent >. Gaëtan Roussel's typically gravelly voice comes back to us a little calmer, more controlled. The trio explores the planet Earth as if to better dwell on the multiple existential reflections that litter it, and extract pretty pop-rock pieces from it with the poetic pen that we know them. But beware: by dint of playing with words, we can sometimes come close to cutesy turns of phrase. (Mélissa Pelletier) 

Echoes of a Distant Life: Volume 2Luis Clavis ***1/2

The party is over, or at least the sun has set. Echoes of a Distant Life: Volume 2looks like the day after. Luis Clavis (Qualité Motel, Valaire) sings the sadness with songs co-produced by Steeven Chouinard (Le Couleur) where a delicious disillusion reigns. Fallen loves, comparisons to others, a hard-to-swallow feeling of failure, thinly veiled vulnerabilities… The sad climax comes to us in Our century is made for winners. It gives a very soft pop suite on the edge of neo-soul, still groovy, and definitely well put together. (Mélissa Pelletier) 

Alpha Zulu Phoenix ** *

The bon chic bon genre Parisian combo returns with its refined indie-pop engulfed under the keyboards. The atmosphere? Aerial at times in Identical or Winter Solstice and synthetic (this is the desired effect) in Season 2. Tonight seems straight out of an 80s comedy the famous montage that advances the story in accelerated. The guys recorded this latest opus at the Louvre Museum. It throws without adding anything to the sound of the album. It stays clean with just enough groove. (Stephane Plante)

Other liaisons – Embo/Phlebitis ***1/2

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< p>Five titles a bit confusing but it is good – even essential – to be confused from time to time. Embo/Phlébite's song structures rarely take us where we expected. The production of Navet Confit is certainly not unrelated to this. The pacing also destabilizes. From the energetic post-punk of Owl, we move on to the short Chaque Annee, more centered on kitsch electro. A passage from Scuse me, I don't understand sums up the spirit of this EP: “I swear I'm not tipsy/Well yes I know it's blurry”. (Stéphane Plante)