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The QUB musique playlist: October 21, 2022 releases

QUB musique's playlist: October 21, 2022 releases


What to listen to through all the new music? Stéphane Plante and Mélissa Pelletier from QUB musique point out 5 essentials!

Presence of Mind The Three Agreements ****

Les Trois Accords takes us on another epic journey beyond the lands of the absurd. Because Simon Proulx, especially on “Chinese pie”, knows how to be touching by recalling the fragile and privileged bond of parenthood. But, don't worry, it's still wall-to-wall Trois Accords. Every word, every syllable, every lickof guitar transpires the spirit of the group. So much for “Internet” or “Bathsuit”. If we have often compared the Three Accords to Weezer, here, we fully assume the indie rock à la Pixies (especially on “Vedette pop”) and all the energy that comes with it. After “Above Ground Pool”, what could be the next single? “Internet”? Maybe. “Morning”? Not crazy. “Bathing suit”? Why not. Each of the pieces on Presence of mind refer us to small breviaries of concision of 3 minutes. (Stéphane Plante)

Escape the nightThe Boulay sisters****

The wind is turning. After the light breeze at the start of the duo, it is a beneficent gust that sweeps away the sad but fertile ground of reflections generated by the waves of the pandemic, denunciations and trials. We feel a serenity, even a wisdom, on the pop tracks, rhythmic and luminous, which play with more synthetic sounds, under the touch of the director Connor Seidel. We do not lose the essence of the sisters, however, who also deposit songs full of honesty to the tunes of lullabies, which seem to have been written as much for them as for all the ears that need to be consoled. (Mélissa Pelletier)

StumpworkDry Cleaning ****

Stumpwork, with its lyrics recited to the tone cleverly blasé by Florence Shaw, reveals guitar arrangements (with chorusto effusion) reminiscent of post-punk at the turn of the 80s. Many of the essentials of London reality pass through the twister: ostentatious consumerism, conservatives, general apathy. As Dry Cleaning does nothing like no other, the first single, “No Decent Shoes For Rain”, is one of the longest and perhaps the least accessible songs of the lot. How to define Stumpwork? Sometimes confusing, often elusive… Always irresistible. (Stephane Plante)

SteadySloan ***1/2

The Canadian group has explored so many styles in 30 years that we end up saying by listening to Steady“it sounds Sloan!”. Especially with the impeccable harmonies enhancing the catchy choruses to perfection. The guys persist in offering the perfect symbiosis of the 60s to the 90s with a succulent power pop tinged with a package of vibesdiverse. With just the right amount of scratchy guitars and tambourines. The soft-rock ofSimply Leaving” may remain less effective, but we are far from a fiasco. (Stéphane Plante)

The Space BetweenAlice Boman ***1/2

The Space Between welcomes us with the magnificent “Honey”, one of those rare songs that have the power to carry us away from the first note. The Swedish artist has this talent for seducing with few effects: muffled voice, soft piano, enveloping atmosphere… “Feels Like A Dream”, in duet with Perfume Genius, gently brings us back to Earth before embarking on this which is like reading different paragraphs of a melancholic love letter. The drums, nervous, hold the fluid pop melodies like a spine, adding tone where it could have been lacking. (Mélissa Pelletier)


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