The québec labour market upset by the pandemic

Le marché du travail québécois bouleversé par la pandémie

The pandemic of the COVID-19 has turned the labor market of quebec, but the province has recovered more than half of the jobs lost since the beginning of the health crisis.

After reaching a peak of 17% in April, the unemployment rate is now in sharp decline, falling to 10.7% in June.

“The rebound that we are seeing in Quebec is really a reflection of an economy that has the force,” says Jean Boulet, minister of Labour, Employment and social Solidarity.

Several sectors of the economy will continue to face challenges in the coming months.

“The tourism, the culture, some parts of the retail sector”, sets out the minister.

Result : thousands of Quebecers, especially young people, will be deprived of their livelihood for several more months.

“Nearly 56% young people 16 to 24 years, in 2019, occupying low-skilled jobs in sectors most affected by the pandemic,” confirms Jean boulet.

To tackle unemployment, the minister on the training of workers.

“We will assist them, either by training, or by allowing them to return to work or by integrating economic sectors that are expanding”, he says.

It introduces, however, a warning to those who refuse to return to work because they affect the Delivery of canadian emergency (PKU).

“The PCU, it is temporary. The return-to-work, it is permanent, it is much more beneficial to workers,” says the minister of Labour.

Second wave

The arrival of a second wave of the COVID-19 could, however, complicate the economic recovery.

“A reconfinement would certainly not be beneficial for the economy of Quebec,” admits Ball.

With the arrival of the pandemic, telecommuting has also accelerated in the province and appears to be here to stay. Québec therefore wishes to better frame it.

“Telework is going to lead us to rethink the organization of work, tools of work, the impact on work accidents, occupational diseases. You will have to think of telecommuting policies, may make depth consideration of the right to disconnect, ” says Jean Boulet.

This new reality, however, makes the recovery economy of Montreal, and especially of its city centre, even more difficult.

“The shops, the restaurants, the hotels have special problems. It will take Montreal to make a reflection which is really special,” says the minister.

– According to the information of Pierre-Olivier Zappa

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