The Quebec of today ?

Le Québec d’aujourd’hui ?

“Look, this is the Quebec of today ! Of the subject, fearful ! Take a look at this gains subject to a corrupt government ! “

I will spare you the real content of the statements, nothing edifying.

Let’s say that these were the words of a wise man, taking pleasure in provoking his comrades who were calmly the queue before entering the SAQ.

What should be the Quebec of today these are the people that we see protesting in the port of the mask and scream sum of the black-footed ferret ?

These rabid that insult the journalists ?

These gentlemen and ladies who have spoken of the theories learned in university from Wikipedia pretending to know everything about the coronavirus ? The while screaming that the pandemic is over or that it never existed ?

These great minds who are crying out that François Legault and Horacio Arruda are puppets in the pay of a worldwide conspiracy ?

All this fuelled insults all the more vulgar one than the other.

For my part, I prefer that of the subject who is the close and make the file mask on the face before entering a trade.

I prefer this Quebec there, one who knows how to live, who conducts himself properly in society. This Quebec where people have the sense of responsible citizenship, act like responsible people and demonstrate a minimum of know how to live.

The Coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the ” savoir-vivre “.

A phenomenon observed recently in some regions of Quebec where the douchebag of service has demonstrated the range of his muflerie. We have seen people arriving as ostrogoths without respect for the environment, trampling everything in their path and even going so far as to install on private property.

The Gaspésie, Charlevoix and other jewels of the Quebec suffered an invasion barbarian.

This same wave of aggression and rage is surging, also on the roads, in public places but also on the social networks.

It is crazy what we allow to say, as insanities, as soon as someone provides an opinion contrary to ours.

We défoule on the public figures that we insult sharply, and that it even goes so far as to threaten.

This Quebec there, smelling foul.

It is more than time to return to the curriculum lessons of good citizenship and propriety.

Elementary Watson : if we want the Québec of tomorrow looks like in a civilized world, there is an urgent need for him to re-learn good manners.

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