The Quebec Patrick Pichette is taking on the migration policies of Trump

Le Québécois Patrick Pichette s’en prend aux politiques migratoires de Trump

The new chairman of the board of directors of Twitter, the Quebec Patrick Pichette, invites skilled foreign workers to come to Canada while president Donald Trump wants to complicate their entry into the United States.

On Monday, Mr. Trump has signed a decree suspending the issuance of some visas and certificates for permanent residence until the end of 2020. Among these, we count the H-1B granted to workers with ” very specialized knowledge “, which is very popular with the giants of the digital.

“Welcome to Canada “

“A message to you all, seekers of H-1B : look to the north, where we welcome you (and your family) with open arms… did I mention the free health care ? Welcome to Canada, ” wrote Mr Pichette Monday night on Twitter.

Ironically, the Quebec city, where lives the former chief financial officer of Google, is preparing to restrict access to the Program of the quebec experience, which offers a fast path to immigration.

The intervention of Patrick Pichette occurs a little more than three weeks after Twitter had raised the ire of the american president, questioning the veracity of some of his tweets on the postal vote.

Other critical

Last week, Mr. Pichette was gone to another criticism of Donald Trump writing, always on Twitter : “You know, it’s a strange world when you need the supreme Court to state what should be obvious “.

He was referring to a decision of the tribunal confirming that the u.s. federal law prohibiting discrimination applies to working-class LGBT people.

Patrick Pichette, has just completed the isolation period of 14 days to which he had to undergo after his return from a trip to the United States. He completed his quarantine at the domain Kenauk, in the Outaouais region, that he has acquired with partners for more than $ 40 million in 2013.

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