The Queen alarmed by the sad news of Tarzan: “time to say goodbye…”

Королева встревожила печальным известием о Тарзане: "Будем прощаться..."

today, 22:16

Famous Ukrainian singer Natasha Koroleva, who has been living and working in Russia, unexpectedly announced the retirement of her husband, the stripper Sergei Glushko, known by his stage name Tarzan.

Pair the Queen and Trazana gained popularity among showbiz because of its shock value, which knows no borders, also the audience was very memorable candid dancing Tarzan. This is reported by Russian media.

Королева встревожила печальным известием о Тарзане: "Будем прощаться..."

Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan

Spouse Sergey Glushko announced the completion of his career in “Tarzan-show” 8 March 2020, when he turns 50. Grand “erotic strip show” has been planned in advance, and the main contractor will not only birthday but also its unique team. The wife of a famous stripper will act as the producer Striptease show, after all, wants fans of the men received an unforgettable experience.

Also worth noting is the fact that Natasha Queen carefully prepared for this action, because he knows what hard work her husband and how much he loves her.

Recall that Tarzan tossed the Queen drunk in the trash, on the video laughing the whole network.

As reported Znayu sang with broken jaw: the producer told about the violence in the family of Russian singer Valeria.

Znayu wrote, famous for the Valley caught in a strange occupation in a cemetery: “we Need flowers and toys.”

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