The Queen of hip-hop Cardi B announced the beginning of his political career: “be a part of the Congress”

Королева хип-хопа Cardi B заявила о начале политической карьеры: "Смогу стать частью Конгресса"

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In the New year with new desires. The following well-known Kim Kardash Yang, which was engaged in the practice of law of show business is planning to go scandalnavian repercu KARDi Bi.

Their intention to start a career in politics, she announced on Twitter.

Королева хип-хопа Cardi B заявила о начале политической карьеры: "Смогу стать частью Конгресса"

However, the exact timing, the singer said, because while it lacks education.

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I think I want to be a politician. I like the government, though I don’t always agree with him. … I hardly see people who say they love being Americans. I feel that if I go back to school and concentrate, you can become a part of the Congress. I have so many ideas that make sense. I just need a few years in school, and then I will be able KARDi Bi

Fans started to support star reviews, and have even developed their own posters.

She KARDi Bi for some time pointedly expressed their dissatisfaction with the current President and Donald trump all American government.

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As reported previously portal Знай.UA stars of the Ukrainian and Russian show-business are actively engaged in their pages to Instagram, showing fans not only with excerpts from concerts and backstage life.

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