The Queen of melodrama and a lover of men: what is known about the leading new show “what wet women”

Королева мелодрамы и любительница мужчин: что известно о ведущей нового шоу "О чем мочат женщины"

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It became known that already in the spring of STB TV channel is launching the show “what women are” leading which will be Oksana Bayrak. This was announced by managing Director of STB Ludmila Semchuk.

“Oksana Bayrak is a legendary leader, the favorite of all men, Queen of melodrama, a woman who reveals all his secrets in social networks. Millions of girls bombarded her with letters of appreciation, requests and their stories. No she doesn’t know all female secrets, and now Oksana is possible to tell, what not only women but also men,” she said.

Королева мелодрамы и любительница мужчин: что известно о ведущей нового шоу "О чем мочат женщины"

Oksana Bayran

So, in the Studio the presenter will be to speak frankly with all the heroines on exciting, controversial and the most difficult topics. Bayrak feels quite feminine soul. In each program she promises to share the details of his life that no one has ever heard of.

“I’ll be Frank as well as the heroine with me. I can’t speak just like that, I will argue or disagree with the experts to Express their opinion. In one of our programs, we will raise such an important topic like surrogacy. I am very strong in this matter, because my baby is from a surrogate mother. We don’t just talk about it and help each character and the spectator, which was in a similar situation, to find a solution,” said Oksana.

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It is noted that the series is willing to give a “sobering”, tough but fair advice. Therefore together with the anchor in the Studio all the “pros” and “cons” will be discussed by experts.

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