The race for cures: an important discovery and promising to Quebec

La course aux remèdes: une découverte importante et prometteuse à Québec

The combination of the remdesivir to diltiazem, a medication for high blood pressure, has proven formidable to combat the COVID-19 in the laboratory, discovered researchers at the CHU de Québec, learned The Newspaper.

This unexpected discovery, in the last few weeks, is a matter of chance, ” said Dr Guy Boivin, who is working with scientists based in Lyon, France, for another research project.

“It was inspired by an exercise we did a few years ago for influenza A (H1N1). It was found that diltiazem had an interesting activity against the virus, enough that it has filed patents and is in clinical phase 2 for the treatment of severe influenza, with either Tamiflu alone or Tamiflu with diltiazem “, he says.

“In the meantime to have identified the specific signature of the SARS-CoV-2 in a cell of bronchus or lung, human, we said : “We’re going to watch if diltiazem may also be effective not only against influenza, but also against the agent of the COVID-19.” “

A potential ” ten-fold “

Only, diltiazem (marketed also under the name Cardizem to treat hypertension and angina) has demonstrated activity as “moderate” to inhibit the virus in vitro tests.

But the pairing to the remdesivir, considered the antiviral most promising by the world health Organization (WHO) so far, the results have been impactful.

“The remdesivir, in my humble opinion, it is the only medication that has been proven to treat infections in the COVID-19 in a randomized double-blind study with placebo and potentiated its inhibitory action. It remains to prove in animals, but in the laboratory, it was an activity that is unleashed when you combine the two molecules. We touch something. This is encouraging “, says Dr. Boivin.

Within two weeks, his team has also identified a dozen other compounds that may act against the COVID-19.

Some of them might even be more effective than diltiazem, he believes. A clinical study is feasible ” in a period of four to six months “.

This thinks of that the doc Béliveau

Diltiazem : hypertension and cardiovascular disease are among the major comorbidities of the COVID-19 and it is therefore biologically plausible that the action of diltiazem in the blood vessels can reduce the severity of the COVID-19.

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