The race for cures: the war with the virus continues

La course aux remèdes: la guerre au virus se poursuit

This is not because Quebec is déconfine at great speed as the fight against the coronavirus has ceased.

Everywhere on the planet, researchers continue to search tirelessly for a vaccine to definitely eradicate this invisible enemy.

The search for drugs that would slow the spread of the virus or its effects continues, it, too, in the laboratories here and elsewhere.

Monthly balance sheet

As this is the case since the beginning of the pandemic, The Journal presents to you today this balance sheet monthly on the status of the progress of the race to the remedies to overcome the COVID-19.

Throughout this special section, our journalists will make the point on the most advanced scientific research.

Our columnist Richard Béliveau, phd in biochemistry, is working again this year, commenting on the scientific discoveries of the most significant, in boxes that you will recognize in every page.

This month, he dedicates his chronicle to all we now know about this famous virus, three months after the beginning of the pandemic.

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Sébastien Ménard

Publisher and editor-in-chief of the Journal de Québec, project manager



Trials for massive human

In the coming weeks, the research efforts to discover a vaccine against the COVID-19 would be a crucial step : that of trials for massive human.

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A treatment for the cancer than for the COVID-19

The biopharmaceutical quebec Glycovax, who worked for some years on the development of an innovative vaccine for various forms of cancer, turned to the COVID-19 after having observed similarities between the biomarkers of the virus and those she was studying already.

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Research and medicine

Portrait-robot of a virus that is very special

In the last six months, the international scientific community has made tremendous progress in the understanding of the molecular characteristics of the coronavirus responsible of the COVID-19, and the impacts of this disease on the human body. The conclusion is implacable : it is really a respiratory virus very particular, that obliges us to rethink our approach to the prevention and treatment of this disease. Take advantage of the monthly balance sheet of the research to make the point.

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A months completely insane for chloroquine

The last few weeks have been strong in the twists and turns in the folder of the chloroquine, the withdrawal of a study has raised the passions and the United States have put an end to its use.

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Expected results by the end of the month for colchicine

The positive results of a study on a steroid anti-inflammatory against the COVID-19 gives hope to researchers in montreal at the head of a vast research on the colchicine. The results of this project are expected by the end of the month.

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The glimmer of hope surrounding the remdesivir pale

Presented in mid-march as the medicine is the most promising by the world health Organization (WHO), the remdesivir losing ground in the race for the treatment for the COVID-19.

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An important discovery, and promising to Quebec

The combination of the remdesivir to diltiazem, a medication for high blood pressure, has proven formidable to combat the COVID-19 in the laboratory, discovered researchers at the CHU de Québec, learned The Newspaper.

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Already testing antibody-based on patients

The us pharmaceuticals giant Eli Lilly has launched the 1st June last, the first study in the world on humans for a treatment with an antibody against the COVID-19, thanks to the discoveries of the biotech canadian AbCellera.

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Of progress every day

The issues scientists arise at a furious pace since the beginning of the pandemic. Each day brings its lot of new perspectives in the search for a cure or new knowledge about the origins and the functioning of the coronavirus. If no definitive treatment has yet been found, this flood of discoveries has certainly something encouraging. The Journal offers you an overview of the latest findings, scientists around the world.

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