The race remedies: colchicine on the track before the final sprint

La course aux remèdes: la colchicine sur la bonne voie avant le sprint final

The quebec researchers behind the study evaluating the effects of colchicine on the COVID-19 have good hope of obtaining positive results by the end of the summer so that a final blitz of recruiting patients into Africa, South America and the United States.

Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif, director of the study project COLCORONA, asserts that the validation of its work by a committee of independent monitoring at the end of June, has been received as a good pat on the back by his team.

“The committee would have had the leisure to end the study if they felt that it was futile. They we have not left to continue if the results were not there, “explained Dr. Tardif, who was not able to check these results itself by reason of the operation of the study” double-blind “.

By the end of the summer

The next analysis of the security council of independent will by the end of the summer, if the team COLCORONA manages to satisfy the criteria surrounding the number of patients studied. The goal of 6,000 volunteers is always the same and there are approximately 1200 people living with the virus, to recruit.

“As there is much less of a case currently in Quebec, the bulk of the recruiting effort is done abroad. It began in South Africa yesterday, we will begin recruitment in South America in 5 to 7 days, and the main effort is made in the United States, ” explained Dr. Tardif, stating that the study is held simultaneously in Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Dallas, Mississippi, and Alabama.

If the study were to be successful, the colchicine could be rapidly administered to patients in the days following the final report at the end of the summer. The drug could prevent complications of inflammatory bowel disease.

“If the study is declared positive, the beauty of what we’re doing from an existing medicine, is that it will be easily and quickly available to the patients,” says Dr. Tardif, who hopes that all will be done quickly enough for a possible second wave.

This thinks of that the doc Béliveau

La course aux remèdes: la colchicine sur la bonne voie avant le sprint final

Richard Béliveau
A doctor in biochemistry

Such as dexamethasone, colchicine is an anti-inflammatory that is already available, inexpensive, and could be rapidly administered to patients with the COVID-19. An advantage of this drug is that its anti-inflammatory action is beneficial to the cardiovascular system and may therefore reduce the risk of cardiac complications frequently observed in patients who develop severe forms of COVID-19. The hope is therefore expected.

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