The Rain season 2 : the rain was only the beginning, what awaits you in the suite

The Rain saison 2 : la pluie n'était que le début, ce qui vous attend dans la suite

The Rain season 2 : the rain was only the beginning, what awaits you in the suite

It all began with the rain… After trying to survive against the elements and made discoveries shocking about their past, Simone and Rasmus are back this Friday 17 may on Netflix with 2-season of The Rain. PRBK was able to get a glimpse of what awaits you and this is going to be very (very) dangerous.

Last year, the series from europe had the rating on Netflix. The evidence, it was cracked to Dark, series German including the season 2 is coming on the 21st of June next, but also (obviously) for The Casa de Papel, which returns this summer with its season 3. In 2018, the platform has also unveiled its first series of the Danish, The Rain, which we dipped into a post-apocalyptic world where the rain was deadly.

That happened at the end of season 1 ?

Before you talk about the season 2, a small reminder that the season 1 is needed (yes, it’s been loooongtemps seen the episodes). At the end of season 1, Simone and Rasmus, who have now joined a group composed of Martin, Patrick, Lea and John were in Apollo, the company for which their father worked. They learned that he was still alive, and that Rasmus was infected with virus and may still survive there. At the end of episode 10, the brother and sister escaped, help by their friends, and wanted to leave the quarantine area.

Launch 100 at a time

So much to tell you any of the following, season 2 of The Rain starts to bottom ! We find the characters where we left them, in full pursuit in the face of the men of Apollo. And it segues into the 37 minutes of this first episode : the action is waiting for you. Everything sometimes goes a bit too fast, but at least, it was not the time to be bored !

New… and love ?

In their quest for freedom, the group’s obviously going to meet new faces. On one side, we find Fie, a scientist whose help will be valuable to elucidate the mystery around the virus and Rasmus. But there is also Sarah, a young woman seriously ill, who may well be closer to Rasmus. Also, if you are wondering if love will be waiting for you in this suite, we can just tell you that you will not be disappointed by the first two episodes.

Finished survival ?

The biggest change from the beginning of season 2 deals with the same sort of series. If season 1 was really a “survival” in which the characters must escape a supernatural element out of control, season 2 seems to be more from in the fantastic. As you could see in the trailer, the virus will be able to get out of the body of Rasmus and attack his victims.

We were only able to see two episodes, so it is difficult to know in what direction the series will head. It remains to be seen the following to be able to judge but the beginning of the season 2 announcement of major changes. Let’s hope that the fans will not be too upset.


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