The rapper Rosko explodes the streams with the title “Corona Virus”… released in 2015

The French rapper Rosko cased with a title dating back to 2015… which is called “Corona Virus”

The coronavirus now 257 cases of contamination in France to this day. The title “Corona Virus” of Rosko and creates a buzz on YouTube and on the platforms of streaming such as Spotify. Except that this song is in reality… of 2015 ! The French rapper has put an end to the rumours complotistes, specifying writing about the mexican beer and not on the epidemic.

An old song re-surfaced… because it is called “Corona Virus”

While Apple has made a nice surprise for its chinese employees confined to their homes, or that Benjamin Samat has created controversy with its advertising for masks in the midst of an outbreak of the coronavirus, it is the turn of a song to make the buzz. It must be said that the title is evocative : Corona Virus. A song of the French rapper Rosko released… in 2015 on the album “The bitumen to the moon”.

In the words, Rosko rappait : “Damn, I breathe more, I have more lung”. A text that may seem prescient, since the coronavirus that causes the disease Covid-19 causes including respiratory difficulties. Except that the artist frenchy had not expected this contamination world in advance ! In reality he was talking about the mexican beer. You know, the Corona, which has been very largely diverted on social networks since the virus of the same name has infected country after country.

Americans complotistes question

Interviewed by Interlude about this piece that could perhaps become a tube, Rosko explained : “With my friends, we are the drinkers of Corona. This is our favorite beer. I had that text that was on hold for some time”, “and I knew that the family of coronaviruses affected the lungs. So, the parallel was found between the beer and the virus”. So, that’s the explanation simple. No conspiracy, no presentiment of what was to be the coronavirus today.

“I have american complotistes who ask me how I was aware of that before all the world” he even confessed, thus ensuring that his song makes mention of the beer, nothing more. Thanks to the epidemic of the same name, his song Corona Virus is increasingly listened to on the platforms of streaming music. “Since January, I have had more than 40 000 streams on Spotify. Normally, it is the scores that I do in a year,” he confided, adding : “I didn’t think it was going to take such a scale”.

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