The rating of the best browsers 2019

Experts have selected the best web browsers for computers, smartphones and tablets

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June 15, 10:05

Составлен рейтинг лучших браузеров 2019 года

Google Chrome still holds the undisputed leadership

When you turn on your computer or laptop with fresh installed Windows 10, the only program that you will use is the web browser Microsoft Edge. Same with iPhone or Android smartphone – here the default is Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android. However, users may prefer to change to another browser, which they bole habitual. But what are the web browsers on the Network you prefer most?

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Experts resource W3Counter created a report in 2019 on the basis of which a rating was compiled of the most popular browsers in the world.

Составлен рейтинг лучших браузеров 2019 года

The popularity ranking of browsers in 2019

According to the rating, Google Chrome still holds the undisputed leadership – it accounts for more than half of global web traffic, and Safari is second. Microsoft Edge (legacy Internet Explorer in particular) took third place, and Firefox on the fourth. Opera closes the TOP 5 with 2.8% of global web traffic.

Over the past year, Google has steadily built up their lead, which may be associated with changes made in February 2018, when Google blocked the ads violate standards Coalition for Better Ads. The new standard prohibited the auto-play promotional video, the countdown to open the page with banner ads and other annoying things. As a result, this approach improved the General perception of users.

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According to W3Counter, the situation with the Microsoft Edge can radically change for the better in the next year or two. The fact that the software giant puts your browser on a new engine based on Chromium – the same used by Chrome and Opera. This should attract more users through the use of a huge number of extensions and useful tools, which are sorely lacking in Edge.

Are there alternatives?

For many will probably be open, but in addition to the “immortal five” in the face Chome, Safari, Edge, Firefox and Opera there are plenty of alternative browsers with their useful and pleasant features.

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Experts from Techadvisor recommend to pay attention on the following web browsers for the memories:

  • Vivaldi – project from former developers of Opera, who have teamed up to create “the best browser in the world”
  • UC Browser is very popular browser from China
  • Comodo IceDragon is a secure browser from the developer of Comodo antivirus
  • Brave – the web browser from the developers of Firefox with a free and open source based on Chromium and Blink engine
  • Chromium web browser open source, community developed by The Chromium Authors
  • Tor Browser is a browser based on Firefox that is adapted for a visit to the darknet, which can be used for safe web surfing
  • Maxthon – web browser with many built-in functions for comfortable web surfing

Earlier, Mozilla announced that Firefox will be paid, we learned, after that you have to pay. And recently Opera Software has released the best browser for gamers.

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