The Rays pass the broom and stretch their fire streak

Rays sweep and stretch fire streak< /p> UPDATE DAY

The Tampa Bay Rays picked up their sixth straight victory Thursday at Tropicana Field, wiping out their four-game series against the Los Angeles Angels by winning 8-3 in the final game.

A five-point offensive drive in the third set easily propelled the crowd favorites. During that turn at bat, Manuel Margot had one of his four hits of the day, a triple good for two runs.

Moments later, Margot completed her lap of the trails thanks to Harold Ramirez's hit, which added two more runs to the board for his team in the seventh inning, for a total of three RBIs.

Isaac Paredes completed the five-point push on the third onslaught, with a two-point long ball. Visiting pitcher Patrick Sandoval (4-9) was the Rays' top hitting casualty, allowing five runs on as many hits and one walk, in six innings of work.

In the winning camp, Drew Rasmussen (9-4) signed the win by, among other things, biting the dust to nine opponents. He finally vacated after five-and-a-third innings, allowing just one run on six hits from the safe and one free pass.

This win also allows the Florida team to maintain its grip on the first rank of teams drafted in the American League, with a record of 69-55.

The teams drafted widen the gap

The Seattle Mariners, one of three teams drafted in the American, along with the Rays and the Toronto Blue Jays, also continued to widen the gap with the teams chasing them in the playoff race, those who defeated the Cleveland Guardians 3-1.

All four runs in this game came in the first inning. Jose Ramirez first allowed the visitors to score his only point when he pushed Steven Kwan to the plate in an optional.

The Mariners, on the other hand, ensured an immediate response by the through Mitch Haniger. The outfielder sent an offering from pitcher Triston McKenzie out of bounds, while Julio Rodriguez and Jesse Winker were on the trails.

It was one of McKenzie's only errors (9 -10), who left the mound after six innings of work, allowing only three strikes from the safe and two free passes, in addition to striking out four opponents.

For for his part, Marco Gonzales was dominant on the mound for the winners, allowing just one run on four hits and a free pass, passing four batters in the mitt as well.