The re-launch of Acura

La relance d'Acura


In 2019, Acura sold just a little less than 20,000 vehicles in the country.

It is 5 000 less than Lexus, but two times more than the Infiniti, whose future seems increasingly uncertain. Like any luxury brand in japan, Acura has suffered. Because the Germans dominate the market, and because of the prestige that he associated in the past today is no longer as convincing.

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Acura would he have made the mistake of standing still too long, thinking that his reputation would be eternal? Without a doubt, yes. However, the manufacturer today achieves this monumental blunder to the point where it already evokes, in a target marketing, the glorious past of the Legend. A car of high quality, once popular, that it was, however, one day stupidly renamed RL, and RLX, and whose imminent death has just been announced. Why? Because the market has changed, certainly, but especially because the policy-makers of the trademark have not taken care of what they have built.

Soon after her arrival in 1986, Acura was already a very positive image. Lovers of luxury cars there were at this time a modern alternative and dynamic to inaccessible european cars, and these cars us become insipid, or trivial. Moreover, it is in noting the success of Nissan and Toyota were going to respond to Honda with the introduction of Infiniti and Lexus. Therefore, a new category of luxury cars was launched. Japanese cars of high quality, reliable and luxurious, that would soon stand out on the north american market.

At Acura, the arrival of the extraordinary NSX in 1989 was to set the bar very high. Indeed, who would have guessed at that time that a japanese automaker would have the audacity to talk back to Ferrari with a car with spectacular lines, and with technology of avant-garde?

At the same time, Lexus chose to introduce a large luxury sedan, the LS400, which would compete with the Mercedes-Benz a-Class S. it has also been a huge success in the United States, which has enabled the brand to earn its letters of nobility. And even if this car does not sell today as the dropper, Lexus has maintained its reputation, which affects, of course, all products of the brand.

At Acura, things have unfortunately taken a different turn. On the one hand, because we got rid of the models quickly became iconic, but also because a succession of errors has led to a more nuanced understanding of the brand.

The abandonment of the names Legend and Integra were errors, just like the NSX, which we are trying today to revive a model that is unfortunately too much to expect. Add to this a succession of designs of bad taste like the ZDX and the TL third generation, as well as the too great proximity of the technology compared to the models Honda, and you have a part of the elements that explain this perception now, is there any one brand that deserves yet more attention.

Even if Acura is trying today to put on a show with the NSX, it remains that the recent RDX is the one that illustrates more effectively the plan to relaunch the brand.

A first successful design for a very long time in this division, which coats an effective product, hyper-competitive, and that certainly has nothing to envy to the leaders of the segment. Moreover, in 2019, the RDX talonnnait canadian sales of the Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC, exceeding those of the BMW X3, flowing three times more vehicles than Infiniti, with its new QX50.

Representing approximately 50% of the total sales of Acura, the RDX is therefore an important vehicle for the brand, which of course grow in popularity. To do this, it has unveiled this week a new TLX 2021 sleeker, larger and more powerful than ever, which adopts a new structure for a mechanical directly borrowed from the RDX.

The latter will also be available in version with S-Type V6, turbocharged, whose power would be close to 400 horses. Note that all the TLX will be equipped with the wheel to the full, a point that will certainly be very painful to the model of the current generation.

Then, by the end of the year, Acura will introduce the new MDX. A utility more elegant, more dynamic and more spacious, which would eliminate it seems this feeling of ” van ” in luxury tent from little decrease with the arrival of a version A-Spec. The latter would likely be equipped with the same V6 as the TLX Type-S, offering performance never seen before. Would follow a new ILX targeting the buyer of the Audi A3 or the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, with turbo engine and gear full.

Thereafter, we expect a utility of a smaller format, so Audi Q3 or BMW X1? In all logic, yes. But Acura is done about this short of comments. One thing is for certain, if the upcoming products of the brand to innovate and impress as do the RDX and the new TLX, the luxury division of Honda could quickly regain its letters of nobility.

An essential element to the survival of any luxury brand or prestige. Talk to Cadillac, Infiniti or Lincoln…

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