The real monster: the scientists have shown in the photo unknown animal

This creature lived on the planet about 140 million years ago, experts say

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Настоящее чудовище: ученые показали на фото неизвестное животное

In France was found a bone of a huge dinosaur

In the French municipality of Anzac-Charentes, scientists have discovered a thigh bone of an unknown dinosaur weighing about 508 pounds and the size of a man. It is likely that during the life of the giant creature was the height of over 30 meters, writes The Daily Star.

“We can see the place, which is attached to the muscles and tendons. Not often manage to find such a large fragment could fall to pieces under its own weight,” says paleontologist from the Paris historical Museum Reno Allan.

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Experts noted that the size and weight of the remains found comparable dinosaur species Patagonian. However, the precise identity of the bone have yet to find out. It is assumed that this animal lived on the planet about 140 million years ago.

“This fragment of the pelvis is huge! And it is perfectly preserved”, – said the curator of the Museum of angoulême, Jean-Francois Turnees. According to him, to discover this is not often. Bone might have to collapse under its own weight.

Настоящее чудовище: ученые показали на фото неизвестное животное

Scientists have discovered the largest dinosaur bone in history

By the way, in the municipality of Anzac-Charentes region in 2010, scientists discovered already 7500 bones, which belonged to 45 different species of dinosaurs.

Recall that in Mongolia archaeologists first found the remains of an unusual dinosaur, similar to a duck. We also wrote that in Egypt, found the skeleton of a giant dinosaur with a long neck.

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