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The realization of a common dream

The realization of a common dream


Near the largest hunting and fishing town, La Tuque, there is an enchanted island where the activity of collecting fish is in the spotlight.

It is very pleasant and above all a change of scenery to board a taxi pontoon to go to a plot of land 1.7 km by 400 meters wide located in the center of the largest natural lake in the region.< /p>


We all have our stories and life stories. You certainly know the adage that it is better to live your dreams than to dream your life.

Five years ago, Dany Frigon learns with amazement that his father Aurèle has an incurable cancer and that he only has 6 to 18 months left to live. Not wanting to leave the man who was his business partner and whom he considers his best friend to himself, he quits his job to take care of him full time. To occupy his mind, they develop several projects together. The one that most animated Aurèle was buying an outfitter. Despite his illness, he somehow supported Dany and his wife Karine Garceau until the very end, a few days before they officially became owners of the Lac Dumoulin outfitter. 

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This 100 km2 territory with exclusive rights is located 35 minutes from downtown La Tuque or, if you prefer, 3:30 hours from Montreal and Quebec City.

You can get there with all types of of vehicles since there are only 17 km of perfectly passable forest roads to travel, namely that of the R-461-25 road.

On site, there are 11 chalets rated four stars by the FPQ that can accommodate from 2 to 16 guests. The maximum capacity of the outfitter is 65 guests.

The dining room is run by a very talented chef, Bobby Kirouac, who offers delectable dishes. In winter, everything turns into a snowmobile relay.

The American and European plans are presented in an all-inclusive formula where gasoline is provided as well as the use of fat bikes, kayaks, paddle board, pedal boat, etc. Family packages are very popular, as young people under 16 are admitted free.

Let's talk fishing

A fleet of 85 fiberglass boats equipped with 2.5 horsepower engines is spread over the 15 lakes operated. We even lend you one of the 32 ATVs to get to the most remote bodies of water.

These two beautiful speckled rivers from the Rupert River come from the waters of Bear Lake.

The star species of Lac Dumoulin is unquestionably the splake. These mythical, little-known fish come from the cross between a lake trout and a brook trout. Although they do not travel in bands, they are relatively easy to pick up. They will be found in the spring near the shores. In summer, they will be close to structures and escarpments adjacent to the pits. Fly fishing is very popular and productive in May and June. Later in the season, it will be better to opt for a metal spoon and a worm, a rosary, the Drop Shot technique, jigging, etc. Rod handlers collect specimens weighing from 500 g to 2.5 kg. Old stories refer to an 8 kg monster. 

Lake Trout

The gray trout is present in the waters of the small lake Guynne located in the south of the territory. On this stretch of water, you can catch gray char, swinging the scales between 600 g and 2.5 kg. All of the normally recognized methods of thwarting the vigilance of these battlers work well. When the surface warms up and the fish dive deeper, it is best to use sonar to locate them. Jigging generates very nice attacks.


Two decades ago, MFFP biologists killed Bear Lake, as they say in the jargon, with rotenone. They then revitalized it by introducing speckled trout whose genetics come from the large char from the famous Rupert River. The body of water was closed for five years to allow the fry to grow. Four years ago, during my last visit to this place, one of the amateurs who accompanied us extracted from these waters a muscular pallet of 2 kg. Every year, clever customers cross the 2.2 kg mark. According to Dany, small streamlined crankbaits and metal spoons with earthworms lead to good catches.


If you want to measure yourself against beautiful native specimens weighing 400 to 800 g, you could try your luck in the waters of Marcel, Sauvage, Grandmont, Petit Guynne, Sanguin and Mont-Faucon lakes. A total of seven other lakes are stocked to the delight of all visitors with trout from 20 to 35 cm as well as some exceeding 45 cm. 


Predator enthusiasts can opt for two lakes located a little further north, the Ludger Noël and the Bruno. A 7 kg assailant made a lady in search of thrills see all the colors. Remember, however, that the average size is between 2 and 3.5 kg.  


Each autumn, the groups that reserve exclusive territories for the entire season beat 10 moose, generating a success rate of around 95%. Fall ends with two weeks of small game hunting. For more information, call 877-676-7578 or visit

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