The red sun of tsar

Le soleil rouge du tsar

A historical thriller well troussé which puts the spotlight on imperial Russia, hunters of treasures and conspiracies of all kinds.

The was French novelist Violette Cabesos has always been interested in history. The one with a big H, and can also be the cause in the backstreets of Pompeii at the time of the Romans in the narrow streets of Prague at the time of the alchemists and sorcerers. Before moving to the step editor, it can therefore take years to do research and delve into his topics in order to bring us novels that are captivating where you really learn a lot. Which also goes for The promise of the angel , and The word lost, the two books that she has written in collaboration with the sociologist and French writer Frédéric Lenoir… and who were not slow to become big best-sellers !

The treasure hunt is open !

For what is the red Sun of tsar, his sixth novel, it is especially in Russia that it has this time chosen to take us. Not the Russia of today, is defined, but that of the great tsars and their splendors of the past. Milena Gorelova, his new heroine, a passion for the lost treasures of the Romanov family. But while she is on the point of spinning in Saint-Petersburg, where a cache containing the personal collection of the grand duke Nicholas Mikhailovich Romanov has recently been discovered, it will be held at Nice : her parents ‘ house was completely ransacked. Even more unsettling ? The family dog was decapitated and, on the walls, one can read in red letters on a text referring to the army of torturers, founded in 1565 by Ivan the Terrible…

As we said earlier, a book that allows us to learn a lot. And in addition, it reads really easily !

Other thrillers signed Purple Cabesos

The promise of the angel


  • In collaboration with Frédéric Lenoir, Editions Albin Michel, 496 pages

In 2004, this thriller was crowned the price of the houses of the press. Probably because it brings together all the winning conditions : a monk without a head, a young archaeologist and medievalist, a few murders and a host of mysteries waiting to be solved !

The dry cleaner of the moon


  • Editions Albin Michel, 608 pages

In Wissembourg, in the Holy roman Empire, a young alchemist will fall on the formula to produce the legendary elixir of eternity. Three hundred and fifty years later, a journalist for paris will go on in his footsteps.

The word lost


  • In collaboration with Frédéric Lenoir, Editions Albin Michel, 544 pages

In this book, which highlights once again the story of the young archaeologist and medievalist mentioned previously, a murder will be committed on a site of excavations in Pompeii. Extremely detailed, the story that follows is captivating.

Group Portrait with umbrella


  • Editions Albin Michel, 368 pages

This time, it was rather right to be a thriller. Because the heroine of the book, an old lady, passionate about art history, will soon play miss Marple investigating a very strange series of murders.

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