The republicans offered their bill to reform the police

Les républicains proposent leur loi pour réformer la police

The republican senators have presented on Wednesday the draft reform of the police attack, after Donald Trump the day before, to the thorny subjects of taken of strangulation, and the training of police officers to try to respond to the wave of anger against racism in the United States.

The majority in the Senate, the republicans will submit this text to the vote next week. But its future is uncertain in the House of representatives, controlled by democrats, who have proposed their own reform going much further.

The negotiations promise to be difficult. But the two parties seem determined to adopt measures quickly in response to the protest movement that has shaken the United States since the death of George Floyd, a black man was asphyxiated under the knee of a white policeman on may 25 in Minneapolis.

Having only a limited power on the police, the republican chairman Donald Trump has signed on Tuesday a decree prohibiting the taking of strangulation, except in the case of danger to the life of the police officer, and ordering a limited reform of the forces of law and order. He called on Congress to quickly register in the law more comprehensive measures.

Republican senator Tim Scott, the bearer of the draft law, stressed on Wednesday that his text included ” a prohibition of catches of strangulation “, but it is limited to remove the federal grants to police services to allow for this practice.

The democrats, themselves, provide for an outright ban throughout the country.

The bill republican also plans to use the leverage of federal grants to push the police to improve their training and to provide the government with data on the officers reported to their bad practices. They would feed a database provided by the presidential decree.

The text does not address the broad immunity enjoyed by the police, unlike that of the democrats. Tim Scott explained that include measures in this sense the doom it to failure in the Senate, given the opposition of many republicans.

“I hope the president will rally his forces” and will signal its willingness to enact the text, said Tim Scott, the only senator of african-american republicans.

The proposal of the republicans is ” inadequate “, has judged the president, democratic party of the House, Nancy Pelosi.

The democrats may also vote next week in the House on their own bill, which was submitted to a first vote in committee on Wednesday.

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