The Requena Buro stationery begins a new chapter in Béziers

The Requena Buro stationery begins a new chapter in Béziers

Céline Couderc et Nicolas Montagné s’apprêtent à inaugurer leur nouveau magasin Requena Buro à Béziers. ML

Historic Béziers brand, Requena Buro is preparing to open the doors of its new store there, following a series of strategic acquisitions.

The story of Requena Buro began in 1976. At that time, the company specialized in the manufacture of stamps. Under the leadership of the founder's son, the activity then began to diversify into the world of stationery to become, a few years later, an essential brand in Biterrois. It was in March 2020 that Nicolas Montagné and Céline Courderc took it over. Before that, Nicolas ran his own office automation company and Céline, the Burotik City stationery company. "The former manager of Requena Buro was looking to join forces and it’s quite naturally that we decided to do something together", explains Nicolas.

A strategic expansion

If in recent years, the stationery sector has shown signs of slowing down in the face of the advent of digital technology, Nicolas and Céline are adopting a strategy of targeted acquisitions. Their objective: to strengthen their position on the market, among individuals and especially professionals, as a distributor of office supplies and furniture. "In 2021, we had the opportunity to acquire the customers of the Cabanes stationery store in Bédarieux then that of Bureau Éco in Béziers", explains Céline. Thanks to these two acquisitions, the business distribution activity is growing. But the two managers quickly felt the need to also expand their physical presence in the territory: in addition to their historic store in Béziers, they opened a store in Bédarieux, in September 2022. rsquo;location of the former Cabanes stationery purchased a few months earlier, then a third in Pézenas in 2023. They specify: "Even if online ordering is essential today  ;rsquo;Today, the notion of proximity remains one of the keys to our profession. Especially since we realize that our customers are very attached to our brand."

A new store starting May 15

Historically located in the Arènes district of Béziers, Requena Buro had already taken a first significant step by moving to avenue Clemenceau at the end of 2021 into larger premises better suited to the company's new needs. Two and a half years later, Nicolas and Céline are preparing to open the doors of their new boutique in the Treille district: "We made this choice to always better satisfy our customers. Already, parking will be made easier. And then, we were able to create a showroom space to highlight our office furniture offering which is little known to our customers." Office layout and furniture today represent 20% of Requena Buro’s turnover with around ten installations per month – a part that Céline and Nicolas intend to develop. As well as the printing activity for which they bought the Orb Color clientele in Hérépian three months ago. "Our ambition is to offer the most complete range of offers possible to our customers. Printing is a profession in its own right. It is for this reason that on this area of ​​activity, we work in collaboration with the CréaPub printing company in Béziers to guarantee quality work."

Dates and key figures

2020 : Céline Couderc and Nicolas Montagné acquired Requena Buro in March.
2021: The couple buys the client of the Cabanes &agrave stationery store Bédarieux in June, then that of Bureau Éco in September.
2022 : Requena Buro opens its 2nd store à Bédarieux.
2023 : A 3rd opens, this time, à Pézenas.
2024 : Céline and Nicolas take over the clientèe of the Orb Color printing company & Hérépian in March.
Éteam: 10 collaborators.
Customer: +1500 active clients, of which 85% are professionals.
&Evolution of turnover: + 50 % since the takeover of the company in 2020
Requena Buro: 12 avenue du Dr Jean-Marie Fabre, à Béziers.

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