The research of the young disappeared, continue to the Grand lac Saint-François

Les recherches du jeune disparu se poursuivent au Grand lac Saint-François

Divers from the Sûreté du Québec were always hard at work, Monday, to try to recover the body of a teenager missing in the Great lake Saint-François, Lambton in the eastern Townships.

The youth’s family disappeared and his friends, who attend to the research done by four divers from the Sûreté du Québec (SQ), prefer not to comment on it, before a finale.

By mid-afternoon Sunday, the 17-year-old, who was on an inflatable innertube pulled by a boat, has conducted a fall.

According to what was explained to TVA News that the driver, who refused to be identified for the moment, the young man, who was not wearing a floatation jacket, swam back to the boat when he would have cried out, before sinking into the water. The depth of the lake can reach up to thirty metres from where the accident occurred.

The two young men, accompanied by a friend at the time of the tragic events, had rented the boat and the tube at equipment Rental water St-Francis to the Complex La Source in Saint-Romain.

It is only at the time of putting the tube in the water, after half an hour of navigation, they would have realized that there was no floatation jacket in the boat, said a friend of the victim.

This version, however, is belied by the rental company, which ensures that the three young people would have refused to take and wear the life jackets.

The owner of the company, Frédéric Poulin, would highly recommended and would even have insisted that they bear, without being able to convince them, assured Bernard Legret, group, Tact, Communication.

“The Complex, The Source recalls that it scrupulously comply with the rules and security protocols, and navigation Transport Canada rental boat,” said the company press release, adding that she works on the investigation of the SQ, and research.

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