The researchers have solved the mystery of the “immortal” stars

Исследователи раскрыли загадку "бессмертной" звезды

In revealing the mystery of the star ETA Carinae has helped the analysis of the light echo of nature.Scientists from the University of Arizona and the KIC revealed the phenomenon of mysterious immortal star ETA Carinae. Light, according to researchers, was the brightest point of the constellation in 1833 – 1856, after which it became inaccessible to the human eye. But thanks to the “great outbreak” since 1940, the humankind is once again able to see this celestial body, reports the with reference to Aspects.

The astronomers analyzed the light echo of the nature of a celestial body due to the reflection of the glow and delay. The release of active substances, according to scientists, occurred several tens of times faster than normal, so the researchers concluded that the reason for this is not strong stellar wind.

Scientists analyzed the activity of the stars, came to the conclusion that the third star in the system self-destructed and lost most of its mass. This phenomenon has contributed to increase the brightness of the nearest star.

The donor star, according to astronomers, began to move away from its neighbor and began to interact with the star ETA Carinae. Then there was a clash between the stars, which created a “Great flash”. In this clash of the donor managed not only to survive but to contact time in 5.5 years around the giant celestial body. Astronomers believe that the fall and the newly acquired super-brightness of a gas balloon due to the periodic passage of the Homunculus nebula.

The star ETA Carinae is a double star-a hypergiant, which is five times brighter than the Sun. Foramen (the modern name) is at a distance of 2300 PC from the Earth.

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