The resourceful student of the year free ate in fast food: how did he do it

Cheating young man yet discovered, now he has to answer to the court

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Находчивый студент год бесплатно питался в фастфуде: как ему это удалось

Guy year free ate in fast food

A resourceful student from South Africa a year free ate in one of the fast food network. The young man told employees of the institution that he was sent to check from the main office to check the quality of food served. No one had any suspicion, he made a fake ID and wore a nice suit, reports India Today.

Student was very persuasive in the role of a reviewer: he looked around the kitchen, asking the staff and taking notes, say the employees of the institution. “Most likely, he worked in the network of our restaurants before, because, obviously, knew what to ask”, they say.

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However, a year later, the staff became suspicious and they called the police. Student cheating was discovered, now he has to answer before the court.

We will remind, employees of fast food left a 20 thousand dollar tip. In addition, the “Today” told about a forgetful husband, who for food lost his wife.

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