The restaurants will finally see the light at the end of the tunnel

Les restaurants voient enfin la lumière au bout du tunnel

Most restaurateurs du Québec welcome the opportunity to reopen their institutions within the next two weeks as a breath of fresh air, even if it brings a lot of challenges. Their reopening will take place on June 22 in the Montreal region and the MRC de Joliette, and from the 15th of June in the rest of Québec.

The big chains are ready

The leaders of a number of banners to ensure that everything will be ready to open on the dates permitted. Most leaders agree that the next few days will not be easy to prepare, and choices on the menus will be reduced to begin with.

In contrast to the situation before the crisis, an employee will continuously customers at St-Hubert. At home as well as at The Cage, the consultation of the menu on his cell phone will be preferred. At Pacini, the bread will be chosen at the table before heading to the grill, so that the popcorn will be offered by the servers in The Cage.

– Cédérick Caron

Reservations that are warm to the heart

“For the month of July, there was already about 70 covered reserved, about three reservations by opening day. It’s good for you, it is heart-warming, ” said Chantal Gervais, co-owner of restaurant Le St-Urbain, located in Ahuntsic.

For its part, Natassia Married, the owner of the restaurant Machiavelli, in Pointe-Saint-Charles, is delighted to have customers who are eager to come back.

“We already have a group of 10 on July 4, for example, and more call us for reservations,” she said.

– Clara Loiseau

Customers who have been looking forward

The atmosphere and the gatherings seem to be two aspects that have lacked the more to foodies during the confinement. Many people argue that they will not be slowed down by the hygiene measures imposed, and that they’ll book a table during the first few weeks of opening.

“The restaurants, it’s part of our culture in Québec. It is sure that we will go to eat there in the early days, to encourage the restaurant owners of our area. For those of us who do cycle touring, it’s going to make life easier, especially when we leave for several days. “–Louise Marcotte and Richard Matton, Val-David

“As a server, I look forward to work again. Otherwise I’m bored to go take a good breakfast and a chat with the world. “–Arthur Blak, Saint-Jérôme

“It is quite certain that we are excited that it reopened again. We will go and we will try to do things correctly. Things need to start over. “–Francine Roberge, Quebec

“It is certain that I’ll be among the first customers in a restaurant in Saint-Sauveur. I’m bored to be able to meet and chat with friends. “–Guibert Lavigne, Saint-Sauveur

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