The results of the Eurovision 2019: TOP 5 performances that we will remember

See the most memorable performances of participants of Eurovision 2019

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Итоги Евровидения 2019: ТОП-5 выступлений, которые мы будем вспоминать

Eurovision 2019

Israel ended the Eurovision song contest 2019. The winner of this year became the participant from the Netherlands Duncan Lawrence, who performed a lyrical song Arcade. In addition to the Dutchman in the final itself showed the 25 contestants. Today. Lifestyle offers a selection of the best performances on Eurovision 2019 in tel Aviv that will stay with viewers for a long time.

Eurovision 2019: TOP 5 performances

  • Iceland

Group Hatari her room caused an unprecedented shock among the audience of the Eurovision song contest 2019. However, despite the outrageous shows, outrageous fashions and extraordinary song Hatrið mun sigra trio of Icelanders have found their audience.

  • Australia

Room women from Australia, Kate Miller-Heideke also remembered by the audience for their entertainment and beauty.

  • Azerbaijan

Production for the representative of Azerbaijan Chingiz (Chingiz Mustafayev) was engaged in the Ukrainian choreographer Konstantin Tomilchenko.

  • France

Bilal Hasani in the final of the Eurovision 2019 came up with a song Roi. Next to him on stage dancing ballerina, which was a highlight of the entire room.

  • Northern Macedonia

The participant from Northern Macedonia Tamara Todevska their powerful vocals and touching song caused a storm of emotions among the audience in the Grand final.

Recall that in the final of the Eurovision song contest 2019 the participants of the contest of previous years.

We also wrote about the unusual number Madonna, who arrived in Israel especially for the final.

Watch the video, how was the opening of the Eurovision 2019 in Israel:

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