The return of Bellane rosé!

The return of the Bellane rosé!


 Without going so far as to say that it is the best rosé available at the SAQ this summer, the Altitude 2021 cuvée stands out for its finesse and the quality of its fruitiness.< /p>

We owe this success to Stéphane Vedeau, a passionate and meticulous winegrower. His estate, Clos Bellane, is located at an altitude, on the hills of Valréas, in the northernmost part of the southern Rhône. The goal, you guessed it, is to produce wines with a fresher style. In this respect, the estate's Châteauneuf-du-Pape and reds are astonishing with their balance and freshness despite often high alcohol levels. But back to the rosé. It is a 100% organic Grenache. Pale color that fits perfectly with fashionable colors. Perfumed nose to perfection with tones of flowers, raspberries, cherries, melon and a fine spicy touch. On the palate, we feel a nice concentration of flavors. We especially love the fine and precise acidity which gives an impression of lightness, which makes the wine almost ethereal. Sustained finish and, of course, a dangerously high level of drinkability. In short, summer can begin!

Clos Bellane, Altitude 2021, Côtes du Rhône, France

$21.95 – SAQ code 12513567 – 13 % – 1.2 g/L – Organic

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