The return on stage of comedy clubs would be a real logistical challenge, anticipates Lise Dion

Le retour sur scène des humoristes sera un vrai défi logistique, anticipe Lise Dion

Even if the déconfinement operates at this time to the four corners of Quebec, the return on the scene of the comedians remains a true puzzle to those in which Lise Dion, who is being questioned on the topic at QUB radio, Friday.

“In general, I play in rooms of 800, 900, 1000 [people]. Is it that people will accept them from sticking to each other? I’m not sure,” said the artist, who says to ignore what time it will be able to get back on stage.

This last has also rejected the idea of resuming the performances reported in smaller institutions for logistical reasons. “I’ll be forced to stay there two months to cover everything the tickets that have been sold”, she said laughing.

  • LISTEN to the full interview of Lise Dion with Caroline St-Hilaire at QUB radio:

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