The reunion

Les retrouvailles

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I are off early to Matane, where we were visiting his family. I didn’t want to miss an important meeting, which was waiting for us at Quebec.

Of Montreal, my sister and her husband had to go back to entrust their children to my mother, who came from the Lac-Saint-Jean for the search. The exchange of prisoners would take place on a balcony of Limoilou. At me.


All this beautiful world was isolated for months, my sister and her family in a paired on the island, my mother in her home at the edge of the Piékouagami. They had made the route without stopping so that the youth can finally breathe, bored again. The grandmother couldn’t be deprived of her major, she will have missed out on a few inches of growth that could not be found.

All morning, I imagined three points on the map of Quebec, which, from so many places so important to my life, would converge in a single, my home. I had the throat by the anticipation, just imagine that all that I have and all that I love would soon be in his place : together.

My mother was already on the balcony, when I arrived to one side and my sister on the other. When we have all seen, when we had the precious luxury of all we have in the same field of vision, we were, without being able to touch us, still bound in silence and emotion.

A heart filled

Some things are not resistant to the guidelines of the public health. The grand-mother took his ado, his great girl and his toddler in his arms. And the tears running down each of our cheeks.

Time for a coffee and a few glasses of water one to two meters of distance, and then some instructions of use, to realize that everything was normal and that nothing had changed, the world has resumed its road.

My deck was empty again, two points left on the map, but my heart was full.

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